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Evergreen Shipping Networks Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Evergreen Line, as a leading global container carrier, provides liner shipping services worldwide. A comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy is indispensable to the company's sustained growth in delivering such services.

We are committed therefore to the following guidelines which apply to all Evergreen offices and agencies across the globe:

A. Anti-Bribery/Anti-Corruption

Evergreen Line commits to providing all its services strictly without any practices that could be construed as bribery and/or corruption. It is our clear ambition to transact business in a fair and transparent manner.

B. Anti-Discrimination

All Evergreen's offices and agents are strictly prohibited from discriminating against any employee, contractor or customer.

C. Environmental Protection

As a carrier whose byword is 'Clean and Green', Evergreen Line endeavors to enforce all possible eco-friendly methods in providing sustainable marine transportation service and adapting such measures in all aspects of its daily operation.

D. Risk Assessment and Risk Control

As an ISO Standard ratified carrier, Evergreen Line has the highest standards of HSQE (Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental) within its management systems. Evergreen Line will conduct risk assessment audits into any potential harm to HSQE that might be brought about by any of its operations and impose counter measures as and when necessary.

E. Competition Law Compliance

Evergreen Line will comply with any and all competition law regimes that are relevant to its countries of operation. It is a commitment of Evergreen Line that no anti-competition activities will be performed within the organization.

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