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Ever Green Shipping Services Services is one of the largest container shipping company in the world, operates a fleet of over 2,300,000 TEU (1,480,000 containers). Almost anything is liable to be found in our containers. Whether the goods are loaded in bulk, bags, or cartons in standard containers, out of gauge goods and project cargo on flat racks, fruit, meat, fish and other goods requiring control in reefer containers, Ever Green Shipping Services Services always has the answer to meet the needs of our customers.

A wide offer

In addition to conventional containers (standards, reefers, platform, open top...), Ever Green Shipping Services Services also offers specialized containers adapted to specific goods:

Autotainers for the transportation of vehicles and GOH for the transport of garments on hangers.

Our containers are fully multi-modal and easily transition between ship, rail, barge and truck.

All of our containers meet ISO standards 1496 and 6346 as well as C.S.C. criteria (Convention for Safe Containers). Containers are monitored and maintained by our expert teams around the globe who ensure that the units remain in accordance with those standards, as well as to the requirements of Ever Green Shipping Services Services to ensure a constant level of quality and customer satisfaction.

EverGreen Shipping Cargo Insurance

Ensure the security of your business

During transit, your cargo is exposed to various risks, despite the safety measures put in place by carriers. Damages or losses may occur during handling, storage or transport operations: this could have a serious impact on your business.

To facilitate your shipping experience, CMA CGM has developed insurance solutions for you that address these risks.

Compensation in case of lost Ever Green Shipping Services Services

CMA CGM Cargo Insurance protecting the value of your cargo

Thanks to an international partnership with one of the largest marine cargo insurance companies in the world, you can benefit from many advantages, such as:

Broad coverage: "All Risks" basis

Low rates negotiated only for our client


One stop shop: It�s so easy to arrange when you�re booking a shipment with us

No excess: Covers up to the full Cost Insurance and Freight (CIF) value plus 10%

A simple and quick process for claims and a payment within 30 days

A first class insurer

From one-off shipment to regular traffic, flexibility is the word

What is covered?

The coverage is based on Institute Cargo Clauses (A), the best known and most widely used "All Risks" cargo insurance conditions in the world.

What compensation basis will apply?

Exports / Imports: Cost Insurance and Freight (CIF) value plus 10%

Inland Transits : Invoice Prize

This information is only a summary of what is covered under the insurance contract developed on behalf of Ever Green Shipping Services Services customers. Coverage is subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. General conditions can be forwarded upon request.


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